Nightingale’s Nursing Home is a family-run care home, personally managed by the Pears family.

The Care Home Family

The Pears family founded and purpose built the care home in 1992, and have been providing exceptional quality of care ever since.

Matron of Nightingale’s Nursing Home, Debbie Pears, is a Registered General Nurse (RGN) who trained at Queen Mary’s Hospital and the Royal Masonic Hospital in London. Debbie is responsible for the day to day running of the care home’s nursing care, staff and wellbeing of the residents.

Debbie has a special interest in palliative care, ensuring the best quality of life if achieved for individuals through to end of life. Due to this, she volunteered in a pilot scheme with LOROS called The Vale Service, to explore the benefits and challenges of providing support in the last days of life to care home residents. Debbie has also received a number of qualifications, including a Degree in Management and ensures all staff keep their qualifications up to date too.

Robin Pears manages the home in regards to the accounts and finances, as well as the housekeeping, kitchen and the overall maintenance of the home.

Both Debbie and Robin are available and contactable to discuss any questions prospective residents and their families may have.